Sunday, 30 December 2012

Holiday Festivities

1) Shopping!!!
We were almost inside--It was freezing!

No, just no. That's all.

Alright, this is a bit more reasonable...not. 

There's this European exchange student at my school, she wore a shirt like this with a scarf... if you don't see what is wrong with this picture then this world is insane.
 Reminds me of..Burlesque meets street-walker

WHAT IS THIS--someone please tell me asap

 Royal Blue is lovely, most of the time

Silver sliver

Tres Risque
 Quilted leather
 Rough gone rouge
 Studded glory
 EW most gawdy look I have ever seen! Who styled this? A 5 year old version of Ke$ha??
Kors, Michael Kors

Reflective Wear:Those have got to go.

So edgy--I love it!

I don't know how I feel about these.

Chic, so Chic

 Some little girl went UGG crazy, and it turned into a furry chaos...and UGG's aren't even fashionable...ugg
Holiday-themed lights? k...

 Lovely embellishments! This would be quite the DIY project
Oh, peplum.

Bling, bling baby.

 Yay or Nay???
Nice back (:

Keep it classic people. This is so Tommy Hilfiger-esque.

This doesn't work, nor will it ever.

 So cute.
This colour is totes amaze

Steve Madden
Purchase them here: 

 Seriously, is this store's visual (styling) team blind or just high? Or both?!

Toooo much

I only wish this shirt was sold in the Sephia effect.

What is this Skullery?

Bird Cages?! ok...

Lovely infiniti scarves <3

^^I adore you^^

Aztec/Tribal bodycon mini skirt

'Pickle' Iphone cases
Marc by Marc Jacobs

^ The label tells all.
 Dressing room #OOTD
You're as cute as a cookie,...oh wait...

I don't know who would buy this?

Pretty ceiling

Floral forever

Dressing room photos in H&M

 Very modern
We really liked the bathrooms, a bit on the dark side though.

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