Monday, 1 April 2013

Fabulous Foto's of the Week (2nd Edition)

I found this photo wildly stunning. Wish my eyelashes looked like that :P

This seems like a very bohemian kind of fashion in this photo

Hahahah she looks like a sparkly mermaid...

One of my favourite models, she's just so different #girlcrush

HATE the colour combination, but love the photo soo
She's like the shy "girl-next-door"
Time to get Fashionably Full

Love this shot, it's a bit mysterious and their shoes are just amazing. I favour the brunette over the blond though.

Even though he has an odd nose piercing, I really, really like his look.

Look at those pants though!
I love how Anna's head is the only one moving, watching the model down the runway lol

Her socks pop, POP

This is how I feel on Mondays.
That's one sexy eye right there, damn.

Sparkly shorts :)

Ain't nobody fuckin' with my clique!!

This kind of freaked me out because she looks like she could be dead, but I like the pink-tinted look of the photo.

Love her jacket and damn look at those girl-abs.
Really like this gif, it's avant-garde.

Menswear for women, love it.

Look, I hate when there's a caption on the side
I think I just had five just went by so fast lol
Quick! Get her the anti-frizz!! **Jokes**

^^Introducing...Menswear for Women. WOW, what a revolutionary idea! That's never ever been done in fashion before! You're so original! -_-
Do you like my hat(s)?

Black Swan 2: Revenge of the White Swan (Coming to Theaters Near You) 

Don't you wish you girlfriend was avant-garde like me?! (Don't you?)
^Wishing I was here^
How I feel when people cut me off...usually involved with one finger only... ;)

Say "Bonjour" to the beautiful Coca Rocha

Little excerpt from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, looking forward to the next film! (If they do end up making it [I REALLY HOPE THEY DO])

Where I will (hopefully aka cross your fingers hope to die kind of hoping) lounging this summer

Ruins in Ireland

Hahaha, I love Russell, especially in his movie Arthur, I can't stop watching it whenever it comes onto HBO.This ALSO reminds me that I need to buy that umbrella seen at PFW, remember the guy with the umbrella?

So you may have realised I have a tiny-obsession, okay, never mind, I'm pretty much obsessed when it comes to Elly Jackson of La Roux and her music.
Hey! I just had a brilliant idea, these boys can be the white members of Odd Future. What you think about that, Tyler, The Creator? #OhYesIDid

If only we ALL had eyebrows like these^^ Er, no just kidding, let's save the eyebrow thing for Cara Delevingne, shall we?

Make sure to smile for those street-style photogs dear, wouldn't want to put off a rude-vibe ;]
I adore this photo, she's absolutely cute.

I thought the model above and Molly O'connell from ANTM Cycle 16 looked a bit similar like they could be related... thoughts?
These multi-coloured lips made me think of the colour-changing horses in The Wizard of Oz, do you remember them?


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