Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Dog Days are Over

           So, I start school on Monday. This Monday, if that's what you were thinking!(: I am kind of excited, and....kind of nervous. I will name the syndrome: Nervousa Excitedism! Brilliant, right?! I am super ecstatic to find out the new ideas and topics absorb/learn this year. Are you excited??? Anyway, I am nervous because I do not want to get any worse than an A in any of my classes, you know? I LIKE being an honors student! I also start at a new school this year, so I thought it would be cool to meet some of the new people and just be a new person with them and make your personality something else than it already is (: And, of course new boys to meet!(Is it weird that I would rather date a guy at a different school than I attend? Well, sometimes) But I have TWO jobs besides my main one and it is just TOO much! I swear I feel like I am going to faint every time I see some work stack up and I am the one having to do it all! Everyone says I have good work ethic, via not stealing (who does that anyway?), not being a chatter-box all the time, and just completing the full length of my duties without complaint. Another subject I wanted to touch on was boys who have girlfriends. Particularly, boys who are attractive and flirt symultaneously with single, (or not so single) girls who feel they deserve the boys who are taken, or atleast can dream... Well, that is another post on its own. I hope tomorrow is not a 'manic' Monday for all of you, and make sure your day is fashionable, of course! (By the way, wish me luck on getting a job tomorrow! I'm quitting one of my two(I guess it's really 3) jobs and I hope I get this one!)

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
Oscar Wilde

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