Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My fashionable Vaca

I took a two week beach trip and just got back three days ago :) How was it, you ask? Brilliant. The beach I travelled to did not even compare to the trip to Mariselle, France I took four years prior. Since I live in the England, I do not really get to see my family in the U.S., so I spent two months with them. I am finally back home! I had heaps of fun and I believe I became well adjusted to the Americans asking, "What part of Britain are you from?!" "Why did you travel here?" "Do you think I do a good British accent?" I was all laughs! ;) I love Americans <3 Anyway, here are a few picturesque photos from my adventure 'Across the Pond.'
 Beautiful flowers! I've never seen this kind in England.

 My two year old cousin playing in the ocean.
 Shell in the sand.
 Black bird next to the waves.
 Unique bird I saw during the day.
 Fabulous sunset I couldn't believe I saw!
 Dune grass? Ha ha
 Pelicans following each other.
 Mermaid my mother constructed with her creativity.
 My very own version of a Katniss braid! (Tell me what you think!)
 Another great sunset.
 Change of country... just in time to celebrate for 4th of July!

 The view from my room! Oooh Aaah
 I was not sure what this contraption was when I saw it while I was out boating. Does anyone know? I believe it was redepositing sand in sea water.
 So glad that I didn't end up seeing a real one, (shark) >:O
Red, white, & blue salad I made to celebrate 4th of July!
 Pelican sitting pretty.

 Someone does NOT know how to drive a boat!
 People releasing floating lanterns.
 Footsteps in the sands of paradise ;)
 There are cactus growing here?!?
 My uncle's birthday was the day after fourth of July!
 I found a real sponge from the ocean!
I really, truly hope you will enjoy this post! Especially my followers from diverse countries that don't really get to visit an American beach ever.


  1. OH MY GOD! I love the pictures and the cake! jajajaj
    I like your blog, is very interesting and completely with a lot of different kind of good things.


  2. AW, you're so sweet!!!! I love your blog too! Thanks, I really try to be versatile and original when I am posting things. Follow back?

  3. Looks like so much fun! Check out my blog and follow back on bloglovin if you'd like!
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  4. High Dollar Hippie: It was! I'd love it if you'd follow me,so we can follow each other :D.
    Yiqin: That really means a lot, thanks! I love your blog posts <3