Friday, 28 June 2013


CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN SPRING RTW 2014**Christopher Raeburn could be considered a serious fabric junkie, (am I allowed to say that?!) who revels in scoping out, designing and developing the crafted, new fabrics to add to his already fabulously full fashion repertoire.**
**That said, among his newest and most spectacular finds turned out to be a double-weave mesh from an Italian mill that he incorporated into the sleeves of his hand-(and machine)-crafted sweatshirts.**
**Not only seen on the runway were his Italian imported masterpieces, but also were a bit of the military trend to be seen by all attendees of London Men's Fashion Week.** 
**Another detail noted was his use of rugged, outdoorsy theme stretched to tailoured shirts in a sharp, but muted salmon, camouflage-print parkas and even lavishly gabardine macs made from original Fifties British military bivouac bags, can you say vintage?**
**It seems as though every season Raeburn in-visions and produces a different animal mascot that he incorporates heavily or subtly into his print of choice. Can you guess what this season's mascot is? CAN YOU? ...It’s the desert lizard.**
I'm seriously not finished yet...NOT EVEN keep your eyes peeled, (ew nasty visual, I know), well you know what I mean.


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