Thursday, 20 June 2013


   If any of you, my fellow bloggers, have a Twitter, you've seen the designers' names trending all day. Who are those famed and beloved designers? Dolce & Gabbana. That's who! I'm hoping they will get a shorter sentence because of their social status and who they are or what their known for. Plus, who else is almost at the point of tears when picturing either of the designers Ew. That's all I have to say.

Just Kidding.

I'm not half way done yet.

So, anyway, the designers were accused of not including in their tax declaration the sum of $1 billion euros. All those charges... were dropped. This is because, supposedly, the fact is, it never happened. OK, I was confused too at this point, but all of you who were busily reading/gossiping while on those worldwide not-so-legit news sources that seem to be so common in our society, well, you were reading oh-so wrong information.

"This morning, we were shocked when we noticed that certain media outlets had completely misunderstood yesterday’s verdict, turning it upside down. This is why we must come back on the matter in order to state the truth of the situation." said. "Therefore, it is also false what was written today by some media outlets, according to which the designers were condemned of 1 billion euros of taxes evasion: the charges on this accusation were all dropped, as they were two years ago."

 As of yesterday, Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana risk not one day in jail. But, this relates only to the designers' conviction of their alleged involvement with the the administrator of the Company Gado for not having paid 40 million euros of taxes. 

    Hopefully, all the charges will be dropped completely for my favourite Italians. But, alas, the case is not yet over. 

    Here's a link to the article with the so-called 'false information' from yesterday. 

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