Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Favourite Photos Of The Week

The girls below look like part of the mafia or a chic gang LOL 
That dog scares me, I mean, look at its eyes! 
There is such a beauty in the photo I cannot handle it
Come on, we all wished we looked like the girl below when we're naked :P
I love the reflection in the mirror, and her hair colour. Ooh, and THAT DRESS, the cut out back is just to die for. 
I've kind of fell in love with the model below. Look at her boots, stunning. 

(below) OK, let's keep it PG-13 people, no need to be immature about some nudity and she's rocking the no-shirt style. 
(Below) I love love love aka adore the dresses below. 
(Below) She's just so beyond gorgeous. 
(Above) I love the bows on the shoes, do you feel the same? 

(Below) Get the cow-girl look (or maybe it's Maybelline?!)

(Above) This portrait is pretty captivating

(Above) I find it stunningly attractive
(Above) I adore everything Italian, the food is just an extra.

(Above) I adore these boots they're weathered to perfection!
(Above) The stunningly edgy Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander
(Above) I really like the shoes, they're a classic
(Above) Light is ALWAYS key, keep that in mind, you amateur photographers, you. 

(Below) It's like the start to a great adventure
(Below) I really like the whole outfit, especially the print jeans, the fringed bag, and the checkered cuffs
(Below) Reminds me of the days at a carnival or festival because of the candy apple

(Above) Awkward pose I know, but I still like everything but her socks and shoes, (which oddly remind me of the Hooters costume) 
(Above) She is really owning the white jeans, not many can pull it off.
(Above) So beautifullllllll
(Above) I love this picture, it reminds me of the rave scene except it looks like a laid back concert of some sort
(Above) She's like, "you can't touch my swag"

(Above) What beautiful eyes you have my dear... ;)


  1. love this pics! i stole few of them ;)

    1. I don't blame you [: I got most of them from the Vogue France website.

  2. Love these pictures!!!!!! Glad I found your blog honey<3

    1. Thanks babe! I'm glad you commented :)

  3. Love these pictures'! & love your blog too :) xx

    1. Thanks! We should follow each other!