Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Going to Glasto!

Hey Bloggers, I am officially going to Glastonbury!
Here are some of the things I will be seeing in summer 2013!
First, the styles:
This is an adorable hipster look that almost every attendee wears, rocking the wellies as usual!
This is a more rugged look which I love <3
I really appreciate the hair accesory she added so creatively.
Very interesting scarf!
Her shorts just POP, and the colour of her macintosh.
This is such a simple but elegant look.
My favourite!
Oh, I forgot to mention the mud issue! I really hope it doesn't rain, I mean, my new tent  is from REI and waterproof, but I think I would still be miserable.
The oversized t-shirt is so nice and her makeup is flawless!
Look at her hat!
Majourly rugged look.
I like the stripes.
Aw! How adorable is she? Her outfit looks like it came out of Topshop or Dorothy Perkins.
Unique print and lens!
She actually looks like a model, and her outfit is just wonderful!
Lovely everything!
I envy this girl so MUCH! Her hair? Gorgeous! Her figure? Flawless! Her style? Amazing!
Cute, eh?
Perfect style
Love her.
It's definitely an interesting costume...
I shall post more tonight!