Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fashion definitely has to do with food. Food inspires us to do great things, like go out on dates to a favourite restaurant, or sketch a line of clothing, write a novel, go on a cross-country vacation, et cetera. But, how do we know if we are eating well? There are always catchy, and sometimes not so catchy commericals and online adds which proclaim to their audience that they have found the new "diet miracle" or a new and improved healthy fruit "from the heavens" maybe even a dieting method which lets you eat anything you want! All I have to say is, where do you get your information about food? Do you type words into Google dot com and carry on searching through women's health blogs, or popular websites? I come to say that I have had enough with people telling me what to eat! So I am making my own diet plan for myself and others who would like to share it. I will blog what I eat, and I will interview restaurant workers, or cooks to give the ultimate idea on what healthy food really is. The journey starts here...

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