Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Budget Worthy Buys

Tan Oxford Wedges

These are awesome! So geometrically striped!

 I absolutley am in LOVE with this print on these high heels!
 These flats look a bit like they could be fake Chanel ballet flats... or is it just me?
 Black and Gold stiletto's
Floral strap flats

Striped Wedges

 These are spectacular, sheek ebony flats with decals at the front.
Striped Oxfords= IN LOVE

Another set of trendy oxfords.

These are actually from H&M.

All of these shoes I found on Forever 21 dot com :). They are very budget-consious and the quality is not always the best in the world, but I always seem to find a trendy flat, wedge, boot, or high heel there. As well as inexpensive fashion forward clothing.

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